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Ghost Dictionary
What follows are some common terms and definitions used by modern-day ghost researchers. Get familiar with the lingo, so when something scares you right out of your socks, you will have a great way to describe it!

ANOMALY - An unexplainable source of data - when something unusual or unexpected is captured on film or video.

APPARITION- A ghostly figure

COLD SPOT - Many paranormal investigators believe that the unexplained presence of cold spots may indicate the presence of a ghost or spirit. The theory is that spirits need to use energy to attempt to manifest, and that energy is drawn from the surrounding atmosphere.

COLLECTIVE APPARITION - An apparition seen by more than one person.

DOWSING RODS - Rods or sticks that have been used for hundreds of years to find underground water or lost objects; the rods are supposed to cross when in the presence of water, object, or spirit energy.

ECTOPLASM & MISTING - Ectoplasm is a solid, liquid, or vaporous substance which some believe is produced by ghosts or spirits. It often shows up in photographs as a mist or blob, but usually looks like smoke or fog in photos.

ELECTRONIC VOICE PHENOMENON (EVP) – EVP is probably one of the most interesting of paranormal phenomenon. EVP is the inexplicable sound of voices, inaudible to the human ear at the time of recording, yet still captured on tape. The cause of this phenomenon is unknown at this time, which makes it very interesting and intriguing.

ELECTRONIC MAGNETIC FIELDS (EMF) - These fields are important to ghost hunters because it is widely believed that spirit energy can cause major fluctuations in these fields. IT is important to take standard readings of an area’s obvious energy sources before beginning an investigation.

EMF METERS - Handheld devices which measure the changes in the electronic and magnetic fields mentioned above.

ENTITY – According to Webster’s Dictionary, an entity is something that has separate and distinct existence and objective or conceptual reality.

GHOST - Generally considered to be the manifestation of a person or an animal no longer living. Ghosts seem to be interactive and intelligent at times, and to be endlessly replaying one event over and over at other times..

GHOST HUNTER - Someone who looks for & documents what he/she believe to be hauntings in probable locations such as cemeteries, abandoned buildings, old churches, battlefields, old schools, etc.

GHOST LIGHTS - Strange, paranormal lights that have no scientific explanation and usually appear in remote areas.

HAUNTED LOCATION - A place associated with the presence of ghosts or other unexplained phenomena.

HAUNTING - A continuous manifestation of unexplained phenomena, whether visual, auditory, olfactory, or by the moving of objects.

HOT SPOT -Any area where a higher than average temperature inconsistent with the environment is recorded along with paranormal phenomena.

KINETIC ENERGY – The physical manipulation of objects & movement by an "unseen force".

ORBS – Much like ectoplasm or misting, orbs are controversial because they can be caused by easily explainable events rather than ghosts. Orbs are little balls of light or energy, and many people think that they may be signs of spirit energy or that a spirit is trying to make itself known. However, dust, bugs, raindrops and many other things can appear very impressive on film.

PARANORMAL - Beyond normal experience; seeming to defy the known laws of science.

PLASMOID - Also known as "orbs in motion", these show up on film as a short streak of light, or as an orb with a tail. Fast moving particles (such as raindrops, snow or dust) directly in front of the camera are most often the cause of plasmoids.

POLTERGEIST - Literally, "noisy ghost," usually associated with locations where objects are being moved or people are being shoved, etc.

PSYCHIC IMPRINT - Believed by some to be a replayed psychic event which is ”recorded" in space and time and continues to loop the same scene over and over again in a particular location. This view portrays the repeating events of a residual haunting as mindless, soulless imprints of past lives, not as the active, intelligent movements of spirit energies. Also known as “residual hauntings”.

SOUND ANOMALY - Sounds that have no apparent explainable source.

SPOOK LIGHTS - Spook lights tend to show up in the same place frequently as balls of light, float around for a few minutes before fading, and sometimes even explode into a mist of light before disappearing. This phenomenon is scientifically referred to as "ball lightning".

VORTEX - Long streaks across photos - commonly caused by hair strands, string, fiber, etc., in front of the camera lens.

CAUTION: Every attempt is made to keep this haunted lodging site current and accurate, however we can not be responsible for individual hotel and inn policies. It is advisable to contact the lodging properties prior to your arrival to confirm lodging policies.
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