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Ghost Hunting 101
Some general tips to keep in mind when planning your outing.

Check out the area in daylight first so you know how to navigate the area. Look for obstacles and treacherous places that you will not be able to see in the dark.

DO NOT TRESPASS! Look for posted signs and make sure you are not trespassing. Respect other’s property. Very often you can get permission from owners or caretakers and this will eliminate potential tickets from the police.

Bring your ID so if you are questioned by the police you can prove who you are.

Never go alone. This is just common sense. Very often you can find local or regional ghost hunting organizations – contact them about joining an expedition.

Make sure you let someone know where you will be in case of emergency.

The best times are between sundown and sunup, but activity does occur at all times of day and night. Photos have historically been better in the dark but don't let that discourage you from taking them during the day.

Do your research and find out all you can about the area’s history. Check out both the folklore and the hard facts about the site. The Tax Assessors Office can give you historical info on many locations you visit.

If the weather is nasty, raining, snowing or foggy, reschedule your investigation. You will not get good results with bad weather.

Keep an open mind. Be respectful of the locations and the dead.

Be skeptical. Look for alternate causes for any phenomenon you might experience. By eliminating all other explanations, your evidence becomes stronger.

No smoking, alcohol or drugs at an investigation for mostly obvious reasons.

No whispering, especially if you are recording at the location.

Do not wear perfume, cologne or anything else with a very noticeable scent. This is so someone does not mistake the smell for a supernatural occurrence. Spirits often use scents and smells to get our attention.

CAUTION: Every attempt is made to keep this haunted lodging site current and accurate, however we can not be responsible for individual hotel and inn policies. It is advisable to contact the lodging properties prior to your arrival to confirm lodging policies.
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