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Tools of the Trade
Some people ghost hunt recreationally, while others are quite serious about it. While it's not required that you bring anything on a ghost hunt except an open mind, the following is a list of some items that might be helpful in seeking out lost souls and grumpy beasties.

35MM CAMERA - 400 or 800 speed film will work for night shots, and disposable cameras work well too.

DIGITAL CAMERA - Not only do they allow you to instantly see the results of your shot, they can also take photos in limited infrared range of light.

FLASHLIGHT WITH RED FILTER - A red lens flash light will help preserve your night vision, so you don’t waste precious time waiting for your eyes to acclimate.

SPARE BATTERIES - Remember to bring spare batteries for everything.

FIRST AID KIT – It’s always a good idea to go prepared.

NOTEBOOK & PENS- You will want to log everything that happens.

DRESS IN LAYERS – Because you never know what the nights will bring.

WATCH - so you can track the times of events as well as your arrival and departure.

VIDEO CAMERA - Unlike still cameras, they provide us with constant visual and audio surveillance for review and observation. Infared capability is an added bonus to your investigations.

TAPE RECORDER WITH OMNIDIRECTIONAL MICROPHONE - Audio recorders are used for many different purposes throughout an investigation; interviews, thoughts and electronic voice phenomena (EVP).

DIGITAL AUDIO RECORDERS – Because these recorders are small and easy to carry, they can be quite useful during an investigation. With features like voice activation mode and timestamp, they can work well for making notes of the experience.

EMF DETECTOR - The Electromagnetic Field Detector, also known as an EMF, is the modern day ghost researcher's tracking device and a very important piece of equipment. With this instrument it is possible to locate and track energy sources. It will detect fluctuations in electromagnetic fields and low strength moving EMF fields that have no source.

CELL PHONE - Always handy in case of an emergency, providing you have service.

CANDLES & MATCHES – Always good to have a backup plan if you run out of or forget spare batteries. Be careful as the candles will set off motion detectors.

MOTION DETECTORS - These can be used to sense movements by often unseen forces or spirits

THERMOMETER OR THERMAL SCANNER - Two types are frequently used; regular digital thermometers and infrared non-contact thermometers. Infrared non-contact thermometers react in less than a second to a temperature drop and you can scan a large area quickly.

HAND HELD RADIOS - Very useful when a large group is ghost hunting over a great amount of physical space.

CAUTION: Every attempt is made to keep this haunted lodging site current and accurate, however we can not be responsible for individual hotel and inn policies. It is advisable to contact the lodging properties prior to your arrival to confirm lodging policies.
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