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There is a haunting by Ship Creek in Anchorage, Alaska said to be the spirit of an Alaskan Native woman named Marie who was murdered there in 1987. She is said to appear to Natives who are homeless and warn them not to linger.

On Badarka Road, in the woods of Chugiak, Alaska, it is said that deep in the woods about half way down the road there is a place where a 5 year old girl and her father died. Legend has it that the little girl was helping her father chop wood for the fireplace. Her father had put the ax in the tree so the girl couldn't accidentally fall down on it. While her father was taking a break, the girl pulled the ax out of the tree and it hit her in the head. The girl died instantly. Her father mourned by her side day and night in the cold bitter winter of Alaska and died of hypothermia. It has been said that you can see the little girl lying dead in her father's arms around 3:30 in the morning.
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