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Located in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, the Crescent Hotel has a long list of supernatural phenomena to it's credit and has become rather famous for it's paranormal activity. The Crescent has changed hands many times over the last hundred years or so, functioning first as a hotel, then as a women's college, and later as a health resort and hospital run by a man with no medical training named Norman Baker. The spirits that haunt this hotel are varied, and though there are some very consistent stories, there may be more activity here than just the 4-5 most often reported sightings.

The Allen House in Monticello, Arkansas was built in 1900 by a prosperous Delta planter named Joe Lee Allen. The Allen family lived in the house until the 1950's, when it was converted into apartments. The house started to gain a reputation for being haunted in the 1940's when LaDell Allen, one of Joe's daughters, committed suicide in the house by drinking cyanide. The Allen House is now a private home and does not offer lodging. The Allen House does offer tours in October, contact them at 870-224-2271.

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