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There's more to Maine than Lobster! Haunted Travelers looking for an exciting vacation destination need look no farther than Maine.

Located on a fairly barren island of rock jutting out of the sea, 1.6 miles from the nearest land in Georgetown, Maine is the Seguin Island Lighthouse. First built in 1797, this lighthouse is reported to be haunted by a former caretaker who was driven insane by the isolation there.

Legend tells that a new caretaker brought his wife to the lighthouse and eventually bought her a piano to ease the monotony of life. Unfortunately, she could only play piano from sheet music, and only had one piece of sheet music on the island. She reportedly played the same song over and over until her husband finally took an axe to the piano and to her, and then killed himself. Faint piano music coming from the island has been reported, along with specters of a woman wandering about the island, a small girl bouncing a ball and a man working in the lighthouse.

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