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Ghosts, Goblins, Hauntings,Haunted New England
Some of the most famous spooks and legends from historic New England.

Stowe Vermont, VT, VermontEmilys Bridge Stowe

Vermont's only haunted covered bridge is in beautiful Stowe, Vermont. Stowe is the home of Emily, a poltergeist that gets angrier and angrier with each passing year. She is Vermont's most famous spirit and there are many stories about Emily's demise. Today, no one is quite sure what really happened. One legend tells of Emily hanging herself from the eaves of the bridge after being stood up by her young lover, while another version speaks of the same man murdering her that fateful night.

Locals will tell you to be careful when crossing this Stowe, Vermont bridge and many will flat out refuse to go near it after dark. For the last 150 years, events at the bridge tell of shaking cars, human and livestock slashed by invisible claws to the point of drawn blood, and cameras consistently failing to operate correctly. Many have heard a woman's voice, seen ghostly figures and inexplicible lights.

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NH , N.h. New HampshireNH Living

Perched on the edge of beautiful Lake Winnipesaukee, Kimball Castle was built in 1895 by successful railroad baron Benjamin Ames Kimball. After being inspired by a stunning German castle overlooking the Rhine River, Kimball spent two years replicating it's tiniest details on the hills of GGilfordd, New Hampshire.

Although the castle is today in sad disrepair, tenants of the carriage house report seeing on more than one occassion the spirit of a mysterious woman standing in windows and moving about the grounds. Heavy doors lock and unlock, open and close by themselves and lights also turn on and off, seemingly unaided.

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Maine, Maine Ghost Stories, Maine Ghosts

There are countless haunted theaters around the globe and Boothbay Opera House is no exception. Originally constructed in 1894, this Maine landmark housed the headquarters for the Knights of Pythias, one of America's earliest secretive fraternal organizations. Eventually, the building was converted to host live performances, movies and town meetings.

If you ask the locals about the Opera House ghost, you'll be given many theories as to who exactly it is. Most, however, believe the sprirt to be that of Earl Cliff, a turn-of-the-century piano player who performed there regularly. Earl seems to prefer the second floor, and reports of his chilly presence have been occuring since his death in 1949. Many tell of cold sensations and the feeling of being watched, while countless others report hearing him play the piano in that second floor room he loves so much.

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MassachusettsHaunted Mass.

The inspiration for HP Lovecraft's Arkham Sanitarium in "The Thing on the Doorstep", Batman's Arkham Asylum and the setting for horror movie "Session 9", Danvers Hospital in MMassachusetts has a long history of creepy happenings and was home of the actual Salem Witch Trials in 1692. When you combine the atrocities of the Witch Trials with hundreds of years of rather unsavory treatment of the mentally insane, it's no surprise the number of ghostly sightings that occur at the "Castle on the Hill".

Although the institution was designed for a maximum occupancy of 600 patients, the staff had to manage a patient load of up to 2,300 patients on more than one occassion. Faced with overcrowding and understaffing, hospital staff unfortunately had to rely on such barbaric practices as hydrotherapy, lobotomy and elecrtoshock therapy to control the poulation. Many say it was the horror and trauma of such practices that led to the hauntings today..

ConnecticutCT Hauntings, Conn. Haunted, CT Haunted

Built in 1720, the Dainel Benton homestead is not only the oldest remaining house in Tolland, Connecticut but one of the most haunted in the entire state. Almost everyone in town has heard stories about the mysterious apparitions and eerie events which have occurred for years. Daniel Benton lost all three grandsons to the Revolutionary War; two in battle and the third from smallpox, contracted while serving against the British. It is the story of Elisha, the third and final grandson, that fuels the countless ghost stories associated with this historic home.

Elisha's true love, Jemima Barrows, was far too young for him. The Benton family frowned upon their relationship and vowed the two would never become betrothed. They almost welcomed Elisha's term at war as a convenient way to separate the two lovers. Unfortunately, when Elisha returned home deathly ill and incredibly contagious, it was only young Jemima who was willing to risk her own life to care for him. After only a few weeks, Elisha died, to be followed a short month later by his young love. Both were buried in the homestead's backyard and remain theiretoday, forever separated by a carriage road.


Built from 1891 to 1894, this former summer cottage of Oliver Hazard Perry Belmont measures 50,000 square feet, houses 60 rooms and was only meant to be used six to eight weeks a year. Considered to be one of Newport's haunted "hot spots", Belcourt hosts many ghosts and apparitions including "The Monk" in the Chapel and "The Armor" in the ballroom.

The most haunted room in the entire castle is said to be the Gothic Ballroom, which houses two uncanny chairs as well as the famous armor. Many people have reported feeling cold and prickly if near either chair, and both chairs have tried to boot people out when they try to sit upon them. There is also an uncanny mirror that never shows your reflection, but instead presents vague moving images that shift back and forth. Today, Belcourt is a public museum, and both it's candlelit tours and it's annual Halloween Bash are favored among the locals.

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