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According to the legends of the Plains Hotel in Cheyenne, Wyoming, a bride named Rosie and her new groom checked into the hotel on their honeymoon. One evening the groom went down to the lounge to have a drink and while he was there he met a prostitute. After a prolonged absence, Rosie went in search of her new husband, only to find him and his “lady friend” pleasantly chatting at the bar. Within moments, she watched as the pair left the lounge and headed upstairs together. Rosie silently followed them to the woman’s fourth floor room, where in a jealous rage she shot them both with her husband’s gun. Afterwards, Rosie returned to the honeymoon suite and turned the gun on herself.

Since the tragedy, the spirits of all three have been seen on many occasions by both employees and guests of the historic hotel. Rosie is reported to be a spirit dressed in a long blue gown on the second floor. She is heard alternatively laughing and crying. Her husband, dressed in a period costume of black dress coat with tails, black pants, black boots and a large, shiny silver button on his white shirt, has been seen in various places including the fifth floor and the basement. The woman from the lounge has been spotted wearing a short red dress with white lace.

Feelings of dread, being watched and being choked or strangled are often felt. Also, doors opening and closing on their own are common here.

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