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The Top 10 Spookiest Cities
Some have hundreds of ghosts!

We're sure you'll have a ghost of a time at any of these fine places, as they can give anyone a fright, even while the sun's still up!

London, York Great Britain Lodging
York, England
York is the most haunted city in the world with a total of 504 recorded hauntings. With its history of conflict and tragic events, it sometimes seems as though a ghostly figure with a score to settle is in residence in just about every street or ginnel in town.
New Orleans Louisiana Lodging
New Orleans, Louisiana
This city holds an underbelly and a darkness that is as carefully hidden as the gates to the small gardens which lurk between buildings. With 200 years of ghostly legends involving Voodoo curses, moss-draped swamplands, and stories of duels, murders and pirates, New Orleans has earned a serious reputation as one of America’s most haunted cities.
Gettysburg, PA Lodging
Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Besides being a famous historical site, this is where thousands of soldiers lost their lives violently, tragically and in a relatively short period of time. Many places in town have had multiple ghost sightings by numerous people over the years since the battle. Rarely will anyone deny the possibility that there is definitely some sort of presence here.
Savannah Georgia Lodging
Savannah, Georgia
Known as America's most haunted city, Savannah has weathered revolutionary battles, hurricanes, fires and two devastating outbreaks of yellow fever. The city's unofficial saying, "Savannah was built on its dead," pays homage to its grave beginnings.
South Carolina Lodging
Charleston, South Carolina
When you start to enjoy a bit of ghost seeking in this city a wealth of legends and scary tales unravel. It is here that you will find the haunted Battery Carriage Inn, the Dockstreet Theatre, Boone Hall Plantation and Old Exchange Building. Additional haunted locations include Yeoman's Hall and the Charleston Naval Base.
Venice Italy Haunted Lodging
Venice, Italy
Not the Venice that tourists know, but the dark and mysterious alleyways and side streets only known to the locals. After the sun goes down, if you are not careful, it is possible to get trapped in a time loop. The Island of No Return is a place that locals are reluctant to venture to – day or night.
San Francisco Lodging
San Francisco, California
With such places as Golden Gate Park, Alcatraz, and Strawberry Hill it's no wonder this city has made the list of top spookiest places in the world. It is riddled with the trapped souls of hardened criminals, a bordello turned church, a wayward bride, feuding sisters whose story ends in murder, earthquakes, fires and violent poltergeists.
Chicago Lodging
Chicago, Illinois
Home of HH Holmes, America's first serial killer, and his horrid "Murder Castle", Chicago has a long history of tragedies and horrors fit for any campfire telling. Without a doubt, the most tragic event to take place was the Great Fire of 1871. The blaze left more than 300 people dead, 100,000 homeless and a swath of devastation that was four miles long.
Witch City, Salem Mass. Lodging
Salem, Massachusetts
Known as Witch City and home of annual Halloween revelry, this historic town holds a gruesome and unjust history of persecution, torture and mass hysteria. In 1692, countless innocent people were put to death during the Witch Trials. These events will be forever regarded as one of our nation's most tarnished moments in history.
San Antonio, Texas
One of San Antonio's oldest buildings, the Alamo, is also reported to be one of the most haunted. Many of the dead during these tragic events were not given a proper burial and some say their souls are trapped within the area, even today.
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