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The Top Ten Most Haunted Places in the World
Tragedies and atrocities riddle the history of these places

Here it is folks! The be-all, end-all list of absolutely the most frightening places on Earth. Would you dare to venture alone? At night? Warning: This list is only for the incredibly brave!

Auschwitz-Birkenau Camp
Oswiecim, Poland

Given its history and the tangible stillness that permeates this home of atrocities yet today, it's no wonder Hitler's death camp is the world's most haunted place. Even today, birds do not sing here.
London, England
It was in this seedy underbelly of London that Jack the Ripper did his damage on five local prostitutes. This four-month spree became known as the "Autumn of Terror" and the grisly murders are unresolved even today.
The Catacombs
Paris, France

Buried beneath the City of Light lies the Realm of the Dead. This maze of human remains is so large and overpowering one runs the risk of getting lost in its depths without an experienced guide. Many tours have been cut short due to a mounting sense of unease experienced by the participants.
Unit 731 Camp
Manchuria, China

Commonly referred to as the "Asian Auschwitz", this experimentation camp is where over 250,000 Chinese prisoners lost their lives to inhumane biological warfare experimentation and live vivisection while another 3,000 were killed directly.
The Coliseum
Rome, Italy

The vaults beneath the Coliseum housed gladiators waiting to fight and prisoners of war waiting to die in the name of entertainment for the Roman elite. The air is thick here with perceptable remains of loss, fear and tragedy, with countless paranormal experiences reported annually.
Transylvania, Land of Dracul Walachia, Romania
Two stories intermingle to create quite a haunted atmosphere in this remote Romanian provence; that of Stoker's Dracula and that of the very real Vlad Dracul III (the Impaler). Vlad's preferred method for executing and torturing his opponents was impalement and thousands literally lost their lives at his hands.
Underground Vaults
Edinburgh, Scotland

Originally intended as storage areas for local businesses these 120 underground "rooms" housed 18th century Edinburgh's poverty-stricken and destitute, and were the playground for Burke and Hare, the infamous serial killers who sold corpses to medical schools.
Greyfriar’s Kirk Cemetery
Edinburgh, Scotland
With such experiences as cold spots, nauseating smells, loud noises emanating from empty tombs, and even physical injury, it's no wonder this one made the top ten list. Many visitors have been attacked by the unseen and left with bruises, cuts, and scratches. Others have been knocked unconscious and overcome by debilitating nausea and vomiting.
Palmyra Island Atoll
Pacific Ocean

Long the subject of seafarer lore, this atoll was the location of a sensational 1974 double homicide and is one of the last truly uninhabited islands left in the world. According to the "Palmyra Curse", there seems to be a supernatural pattern of disaster and near-disaster associated with the place.
Magh Sleacht Plain
County Cavan, Ireland

Once home to an important Celtic pagan shrine, this is the only place in Ireland where human sacrifice ever occured. Parents came to sacrifice one third of their children on Samhain night in exchange for a year full of milk, corn, fertile cattle and a fertile growing season.
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